Halloween Radio is happy to on air 365 days a year.   We will be there for you to keep your Halloween spirit going throughout the year.

Please listen and share to show your support.   The more listeners that we have the more that we can do.   Stay tuned for wicked awesome surprises.


It’s TIME!  Halloween Season 2013 is HERE!  Over the next few days and weeks we are dropping many new tracks including some long-awaited titles including the new Midnight Syndicate CD and some new artists that we know you will like.  Our library keeps growing!     Make sure to let your friends know about Halloween Radio.


With the great success of Halloween Radio we are acquiring a large amount of new Halloween / Horror / Haunt / Soundscape / Soundtrack related music.

This includes artists that you know such as Midnight Syndicate and new artists that you will really like.    Halloween is just around the corner.  Listen to Halloween Radio today.

walkingdeaddubWe have to admit that there are a lot of bad remixes out there.   But one of our very favorite songs right now is #1 the Walking Dead, TV Theme Song Dubstep by Parody Kings U.S.A

We can’t get enough of it so we have added it to our playlist.   You can hear it a couple times a day here on Halloween Radio.


Anytime is the time to listen to Halloween Radio

By popular demand we have updated our player with a better “Now Playing” feature that displays the current song and artist in our Halloween Radio player.

Our new version updates the song within 1-3 seconds of the new song starting.   No more guessing on what you are listening to.

Thank you for your support.   Listen to Halloween Radio 365 days a year.

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Halloween Radio is on the air 365 Days a year!   Keep listening throughout the year.  We have some great surprises planned for you.

We are proud to now include many tracks from Shadow’s Symphony including the new CD Fairvale Funeral Parlor –  Inspired by the horror genre, Shadow’s Symphony is the sound of horror music. Shadow’s Symphony has haunting melodies, and captures the fear and excitement of the imagination.

Halloween Radio is proud to play tracks from Halloween Hullabaloo.

These songs are sure to become traditional songs that you listen to year after year.

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